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Distance Between Zip Codes Calculator in ExcelView Demo
This is a tool that allows you take multiple starting locations and multiple ending location and easily generate the distance between the two.

Convert Addresses To Latitude Longitude in BulkView Demo
This file takes a list of up to 5000 addresses and converts them into latitude / longitude coordinates in Excel.

Speed up VLOOKUPsView Demo
Here is the solution to VLOOKUPs that take forever. In the first sheet you put your data. In the second sheet you add the VLOOKUP data. Then push the button. It reduces the normal VLOOKUP processing time by 95%. No more frozen computer or excel not responding.

Speed up COUNTIFView Demo
Here is the solution to the COUNTIF that takes forever. People usually use this function to count occurrences in a column which is fine … unless you are running this on 100,000 rows! Put your data in Column A and push the button. This will complete the COUNTIF in 95% less time. No more frozen computer or excel not responding.

Work Queue / To Do List in ExcelView Demo
This is a file that can organize tasks into a work queue. It is very interactive and allows you to organize items by due date. The best feature is that it allows you to create links to emails so you can keep information about each request in the same place.

Combine Multiple Excel Files into One Master File
In cases where you get similar data outputs with the same headers, with the click of a button you can combine them all into one file. View Demo

Standardize/Validate Business and Residential Address in Excel
Use this tool to Standardize and Validate and Cleanse your list of addresses all within Excel. It uses Google API to process your incomplete or incorrect client list. It works for both commercial and residential Addresses.  View Demo

Import Folder Contents and File Names into ExcelView Demo
By selecting a folder in the file dialog, all subfolders names and file names download into a searchable, filterable hierarchy in Excel.

Track Round Trip Mileage Using Outlook Calendar AppointmentsView Demo
Simply by putting in an address as your appointment location, you can download your Outlook calendar into Excel and automatically generate your round trip mileage.

Display US Supply Chain / Logistics in ExcelView Demo
Excel-based Supply Chain Map is generated using your product starting location and destination. Mileage and travel time for your product is displayed along with a map plotting the volume of goods transferred.

Maintain YOUR Do Not Contact Email List in ExcelView Demo
This file cleans your email list against the email addresses of people that have requested to no longer receive mail from you.

 Maintain YOUR Do Not Call List in ExcelView Demo
Compares a list of phone numbers against your list of numbers that you don’t want to call. You must enter the DNC numbers in a separate column.

 Maintain a One Time Use Email List in ExcelView Demo
After dumping email addresses into a column, this removes email addresses that have already been used and adds the remainder to the list so they won’t be used in the future.

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