Setup Google Maps API

How to Get a Google Maps API Key

How to Get a Google Maps API Key

An API Key is a unique key that you can use to Get Distances from Google. The API key is linked to your account allowing google to give you access to those services linked to that key.

How much does it cost to get a key –

A Google API Key is free of charge to get.


Do I need to enter Billing Information? –

Yes, you do need to enter billing Information. However it is a “Pay as you Go”. Google allows you for 40,000 free calculations every month via the API Key. Anything in excess of 40k calculations is charged at the rate of $5 for every 1,000 calculations.


What if someone gets a hold of my API key?

Google allows you to secure, enable and disable your API key. You can restrict access by allowing to be used only from your computer (IP address). You can disable and change it at any time you feel your API key has been compromised. To get an API Key Follow the link below. and Click “Get Started”

To get an API Key

Follow the link below. and Click “Get Started”

Enable Google Maps Platform

Ensure Check Maps, Routes and Places are selected (checked). – Click Continue

Create a Project, Name it and Click Next


Set a Billing Account

While Google requires you  enter your billing information, it will provide you with 200 dollar credit every month. This will allow for 40,000 calculations free of charge. You can view your usage at any time by checking the dashboard HERE.

Enable Your API’s

Now that your API has been enabled you are almost ready to rock and roll.

All Set – Copy and save your API Key

This is the API key you will use in your tool. Keep in in a safe place and do not share.

How To check that you have your API Key Services enabled correctly

Go to your Dashboard. You can go to “APIs & Services” -> “Dashboard”

or you can follow this link:

The services you are looking for are “Directions API” and “Distance Matrix API”

Make sure that “Directions API” and “Distance Matrix API” show on your list of services in the Dashboard. These services are needed to be used in the “Distance Calculator Excel Tool”.

Don’t see those Services? No Worries

Click on “Library” in the Left and Search for “Directions API” and “Distance Matrix API” .

Add Distance Matrix

Enable the Services if not Enabled

That’t it! You’re done!

Congratulations, you have just enabled your Google Maps API key to allow for distance calculations.