Quickbooks Api Integration

How does your Business Information Integrate with Quickbooks API? 

Are you copying and pasting data? Or does it syncronize seemlessely and with ease?
Are you still manually entering or copying and pasting data into quickbooks?
Most small businesses think that automatic integrations are for large businesses with large IT budgets!
In addition, they feel that they dont have the manpower or the IT manpower to undertake such a task. 
No More!
for only a flat fee (starting @ 1500) I will do the following:
Conect your data between your Business and Quickbooks.
It doesnt matter what system you are using
-Access Database
-Software built in the 90’s
My promise is that I will help you integrate your business data with the click of a button. 
Do you need to connect your data directly to Quickbooks? 
Do you have a way to directly link your data into Quickbooks?
Does Uploading (or downloading) your invoices to Quickbooks take time?
Hi, my name is Vinnie. I specialize in connecting and integrationg your data with Quickbooks so it makes your accounting a breeze. I have helped over 125 businesses streamline their in house data to their Quickbooks Accounting
This is what my promise is:
I will help you upload your data into Quickbooks with the click of a button
Do you spend 5 or more hours a week to update your Quickbooks? Let me help you do that in less than 5 minutes
What would you do with an extra 5 hours every week?
Does it take you 5 hours per week to maintain your invoices and accounting? - Let me help you do that with the click of a button!
No matter where your data is:
-Excel Spreadsheets Invoices - I have helped over 160 business owners like yourself synchronize their spreadsheet data with Quickbooks Online
-Access database? - Maybe your are using an Access database to keep track of your business. Let me help you 
-Home developed proprietary system? No problem!
Unlike any "Do-it-yourself" Package I will do everything for you!
  • I will integrate your current legacy system with Quickbooks!
  • Will develop training around it, show your employees how to use it, will create a manual.
Let me and my team  develop an Enterprise level Integration of your current tool (no matter what it is, even excel) with Quickbooks and transform your business
Will work with any type of application you are currently using. 
Let me and my team develop an Easy to Use, hands free solution for your business. 
Dont be stuck in the 20th century!
One flat price - We will do the integration for you.
In addition, if you prefer, I will review your business and identify areas of automation where we can save you time and money. 
What kind of story can we tell?
We all have experiences, not everybody turns them into stories. 
Story 1
How we helped Tony, from BestDeliveries.com. Tony is a 1 person business that was struggling every monday to to generate invoices for his fleet of 2500 contrator drivers for his meal delivery business. We were able to integrate his 
In Tony’s words:
I was manually generating weekly payroll for my 2500 driving contractors. I dreaded mondays because it was the least favorite activity of the week, a whole day of generating payroll and it seemed to never be accurate. In addition I had 2 data entry people from India inputing the data into Quickbooks. Vinnie built a system for me where I could generate payroll, send emails, and upload the data into Quickbooks all with the click of a button (and directly from my excel tool). what took me and 2 other helpers a full day, now takes less than 5 minutes.